With regards to the videos posted about husbands dancing for their wives and wives dancing for their husbands, there have been alot of mixed feelings and there is even a rumour of a man who divorced his wife after she posted a video of herself dancing for her husband. If the divorce really happened, I think it’s too extreme especially if they have lived long and have children.

Some on the other hand feel it’s just a harmless show of affection and there is nothing wrong with it.

In Islamic Jurisprudence, especially in the Maliki and Hambali school of thought, their is a concept called سد الذرائع or Saduzaraa’i. The word سد or Saddu generally means to close and الذرائع or Azzara’i means roads or paths. In singular form it’s called الذريعة or Azzari’a. It basically means closing any path, road or means that is in itself not necessarily evil but it can lead to evil.

One of the Hadeeths used by Jurists to come up with this ruling is a Hadeeth that prohibits women from stumping their feet while walking since it may lead to sounds of her bangles, jewelry or anklets become audible hence announcing her presence and from a biological point of view men will react to such sounds and would like to know what’s up. A wonderful equivalent is today’s woman with high heels click clocking as she walks into an area and making heads turn. The stumping of feet or high heal in itself is not evil but it draws attention and one thing leads to another and the rest is history.

In the same way, posting your intimate videos with your husband can spin off a couple of ideas that may lead to other ideas that we don’t want to know :

1. Another man or woman watching the video may get attracted to your husband and wife and start a plot you may not want to find out how it will end.

2. Today you are posting dancing, tomorrow you want to post both of you holding hands talking, next your video of kissing and eventually who knows? Sex tape?

3. With today’s world of crazy technology, you just made it easier to get yourself and loved ones blackmailed

I can think of thousands of reasons why it’s not really a good idea.

So this is basically why some Islamic scholars are lashing out about it, it’s not because they don’t want you to have fun. And besides, what do you gain from making your intimate videos public? You need public validation? Are you that psychologically sick? So you need the public to know that you are in love with your spouse, then what?

If you are frying meat in your house, Islam demands that you give your neighbours a taste since its unfair to torment them with the sweet smell of your fried meat. If you need further explanation on this example, just switch off your brain, you don’t need it.

Let’s be careful.


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