And Nabeel Qureshi is gone “too”… Between Reality and Selective Evangelism.


Being human, I was shocked to read about the demise of Nabeel Qureshi. My mind raced back to the debates I had in memory of people like Akbar Sidi and Khalid Stainless Critic. Sheikh Ahmed Deedat also came to mind and the countless number of times we have tried to explain that his death was not connected with his exposing falsehood and no one but Allah took him as Death is a must for every soul.


During debates, we Muslims try to explain that death, mishap, misery, loss are natural phenomena and tests from Allah and should not be a reason for anyone to leave the deen as Christian apologists thrive on this.

It is unfortunate Nabeel Qureshi was park of those who linked Sheikh Ahmed Deedat’s death to his debate and was instrumental to bringing about some Christians mocking the Sheikh’s death.



Some tools used by Christian apologists are lies and deceit. While they engage in these, the reality is being ignored.

An average Christian Evangelist wanting to win the soul of a non-Christian is usually deceptive. To him, the non-Muslim should not be poor, sad, lose a loved one rather he should have enough and enjoy in life and that could only be given by Jesus.


When he gets to a fellow Christian, he teaches patience and perseverance. He makes reference to Sarah, Hannah, as for poverty, he says Jesus Christ had no place to sleep.


For those who do not know Nabeel Qureshi, he was an American Christmas apologist who converted “from” Ahmadiyya. He used to engage in debate and also wrote books against Islam. However, no same Muslim will claim what he used to do killed him. Death is a MUST for everyone.


This is a lesson for all Christians to open their eyes to the reality. If the several pastors that perform miracles here and there cannot just lay hands on Nabeel Qureshi, then all miracle preaching pastors are but liars. Last year, a cross was said to have appeared in a mosque in Nassarawa. I went there, made a video then proved the story was false. Seeing the overwhelming number of Christians going there for miracles, I requested that they should take Nabeel Qureshi and Yinka Ayefele there for their miracles but NO!


I was involved on a ghastly motor accident last month that was almost fatal. Someone came to the hospital to remind me about talking against Jesus (which I don’t do) and also blamed the accident on my frequent lectures.


A Christian told me I’ll encounter Jesus on leaving the hospital while the Muslims were met with different stories from Christians. May our test(s) not be a reason for people to go astray. Ameen. Had I died, I might have gone and while the Muslims are being laughed, the death of Nabeel could have shut them up. AlhamduliLlahi Robbil ‘Alameen, I’m alive and recovering.

We should learn that death is a decree for everyone regardless of what we do. Mocking a dead person, deceptive Evangelism, delusion, illusion should be shunned. “He who mocks the dead should not die”


One day, it will not matter when we die but what we died upon… Kalla Sawfa Ta’alamun.


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Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman


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