Marital life isn’t about money. If it were, the rich would not be having problems in their unions. Divorce of any sort would not have brutally jotted the homes of wealthy couples.

Money isn’t marriage. It’s just an integral part of the institution, just as it is unavoidably significant to all phenomena.

Having a co-operating spouse is the peak of things that can ever happen in any marital bond. A co-operating wife is she who is content with the “little” she gets from her husband. The high living standard of her rich friend, even though she desires same, doesn’t have a coercive push on her to demand beyond the husband’s potency.

The good wife shows understanding at all times, not minding the meagreness of what she gets from her struggling hubby. She mends up her husband’s financial deficiencies. She makes her husband feel like the richest, even though he is apparently poor.

A responsibly co-operating husband is he who, despite his megre earnings, expends to the peak on his wife. He is neither stingy nor mingy. He makes his wife comfortable with the little he has got. To him, his wife deserves the peak of reverence than a queen. His wife is to him what a queen is to a community.

The good husband mitigates s wife’s stress by giving a helping hand in the house chores, at least to the best of his ability. He politely scolds the wife when she goes ultra vires, but never in the presence of a third party. He never takes beating as a mode of venting his anger – he hates doing so with passion.


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