Not long ago, I read a brother’s post on Facebook accusing Ustadh Amubieya of being “wealthy”. People like these have problems with wealthy scholars of the religion as they are quick to call them them names e.g paid by Saudi, Saudi money, Saudi sponsored… The unfortunate thing about people if this regard is that when the Sheikhs that are not “materially” wealthy have problems, they are nowhere to be found, why then have problems with scholars that are are blessed and part of their blessings get to the ‘Ummah.

The reality is this, there are many Sheikhs suffering in silence out there. The average Muslim is concerned about Maa shaa Allah, Allahu Akbar! without taking into cognizance what brought about the action that birthed the Maa shaa Allah!.

Some months ago, I was in Warri, Delta state for Debates and lectures. While discussing with Imam Sadiq Musa, he mentioned to me the case of a prominent scholar of the Deen with several books published, worldwide recognition, actively involved in Da’wah but seriously suffering.

After delivering a lecture early this month, I had a discuss with a very prominent Da’wah personality in Nigeria. He mentioned to me that he could only raise his right hand yet when he held the microphone, there was the usual tekbeeeeeerre, Allahu Akbar, Maa shaa Allah yet…

I visited him four days ago and I saw the hand, SubhanAllah!!! He had an accident two days to Ramadan and the hand was/is badly damaged with no one coming to his aid.

This morning, I met with the old man and as Allah willed, he has nothing to feed on that I needed to provide him with something little( استغفر الله العظيم)

Please, he really needs our help AS SOON AS POSSIBLE . For a surgery, the hospital is asking for 125,000 naira while a local healer is asking for 75,000 naira.

This soliciting will run for just 7 days whatever gathered would determine the option he would go for.

Kindly donate to,

Access bank 0693611217
Ibrahim Jomoh.

Ya Allah, do not test us with more than what we can bear. Ameen.

Signed : Admin

Call +2347015779491 or send a mail to [email protected] for information about the affected person.

JazakumLlahu Khayr.


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