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Arabic is a Language not a Religion

  Wikipedia’s most recent rating of the most spoken languages in the world has Mandarin (Chinese) top its list. Mockingly, I had in my personal layman judgement (just as many would likely notionally believe) thought that English being the language of the most powerful nation, the United States, would come…

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WHY ALLAH? ‘Allah’ is the Arabic term for the one and only Creator of the universe. It is not a name for a tribal Arabian God or the God of Muslims. Both Christian and Muslim Arabs referred to God as ‘Allah’ although their concept of God difer. Allah is recognised…

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Allah’s aid is sought!

The verse “Lakum deenukum wa liya Deen” is being misinterpreted by liberals. To liberals, this verse which English translation is “Your religion to you, my religion to me” means  compromise whereas it is the other way around.   Instead of compromise, the verse teaches respecting other people’s religion/theological beliefs not…

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