A day Humanitarian visitation to KiriKiri Maximum Prison, KiriKiri, Lagos on the 4th June, 2017.

Activities for the proposed visitation include:

1. Giving Islamic Sermons to the Inmates.
2. Legal services to inmates who have fines to pay and documentation of other similar cases.
3. Presentation of beneficial islamic books to the Prison Mosque’s library.
4. Procurement of foodstuffs, toilet rolls, pads, clothes, drugs, slippers and other daily-use products for their upkeep. Food items and materials are also welcome from donors!!
5. Plans on empowerment and further education for the inmates. Etc.

We hereby plead to the Ummah to join us in this worthy cause by paying a visit to our brothers, purchasing some of the items to take along during the visitation and assist the inmates in our prayer.
Our financial contribution can be sent to: ?
PAYMENT Information (?), Please note that this is a temporary account of the convener provided for this cause and all funds remitted are solely for the inmates, work is ongoing on ‘CARE FOR THE INMATES’ Registration and statutory bank account.

*Account information:*

Account Name :
*Lawal Afeez Arishekola*
Account No
Bank :
*Access Bank*

May Almighty Allah reward you all, Grant you all goodness and make Jannah our final Abode. May Allah in His infinite mercy assist us all and enrich our pockets Ameen ?

For enquiries: ?☎
Brother Habeeb Ademola Kamaldeen:08132413892
Brother Lawal AbdulAfeez Arishekola:07033255396 or 08184355474.

Salam Alaykum Warahmotullah Wabarakatuh.



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