My Lord my saviour,



Some people say I read,



Some even say i copied,



Ney, neither is right,



I have opened my mind,



My knowledge is my wealth,



I cannot save it in the bank,



I have to spend it all,



It’s like a smile,



Even a smile is a charity,



I have to share the knowledge,



Now it is the time to give in charity,



Ramadan is here,



The blessed month,



Many will start,



But not all will see the end,



It’s my blessing,



Time to make repent,



Time to ask for mercy,



Time to seek the pleasure of my Lord,



Ramadan Kareem,



Ramadan Kareem,



I see with my mind,



I listen with the hears of mind,



I think with my mind,



My Lord is to be praised,



Allah deserve all my thanks and glory,



I am happy,



I love by my family,



My friends love me as well,



But my Lord loves me most,



If I die today,



I will be alone in my grave,



Where are my children,



My wives,



And my wealth,



They all returned home,



Living me alone in my grave!




Credit : Ameen Olorunnimbe


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