When we explain religion to people especially those who are heretic and are not ready to adhere to the fundamental teachings of their religion, they say, “Don’t judge”, “God knows who is worshipping him” or “Religion is in the heart?”

Is this true? Should we just fold our arms in the name of not wanting to judge while people make religion a thing of play? That we look on while everyone practises religion how they want though these religion have tenets and teachings?


Call it discrimination! Call it hatred! Call it hating! The one who is ready and willing to reason should reason.


Today, it is not safe to say religion lies in the heart. It must must be rational and sensible.


In a world where people eat grass, clothes, rats, trees, human hair in the name of religion. A world where a pastor sells holy healing handkerchief but his wife or child cannot benefit from it. A world where a “man of God” kicks a pregnant woman in the name of deliverance. Where poor people make rich pastors wealthy!!! Yet we should look on without doing nothing?


Now, a Zimbabwean pastor “makes a phone call” to God to receive revelation. Where are we heading to? What shenanigan of this regard are we going to see in the nearest future?


If we cannot kill it, we can curb it. Start talking, that’s what we do at Knowislam.com.ng.


Watch video below…



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