Dear Mr. Lamina, all efforts to contact you have proved abortive. Therefore, I have to put this here.

The protest, which to me should have stopped, was originally to end police brutality in Nigeria. Sadly, some fractions of the protesters, the government as well as some individuals are making things difficult.

Trouble started in Osogbo when thugs attacked the protesters, that was the genesis of the Riot. I am authoritatively saying that nothing was vandalized before the thugs attacked the protesters. Any intellectual being should ask from whence came the thugs attacking protesters and what was their motive?

Mr. Lamina, you made a post yesterday about two suspected armed robbers that were arrested in Oke-Fia and added the picture of a young man named Ayomide (AY).

The protesters have said this young man had no gun and he was not robbing anyone. In fact, he had been with the protesters and had hurt no one. His close friends also bore him witness.

The narrative from the protesters is that someone from nowhere slapped him at Oke-Fia when he was with the protesters. The protesters ran away while the guy and another was taken away.

AY said it was a thug who slapped him and he was taken to a Police Station along Fakunle. In fact, he had no idea that someone oitisdd was calling him an armed robber.

Late last night, he was released after being mocked by policemen that the protesters have been dispersed.

The big question is, “Why did the police release an armed robber?”. If Mr. Lamina Kamiludeen Omotoyosi cannot provide an answer, let him fear Allah (since he is a Muslim) and retract his claim.

I personally believe that the protest has outlive its relevance. At the moment, I am an observer and analyst on the protests monitoring actions of the protesters and the government to forecast where these actions may lead us into.

The protesters will be out today to tell the world that Ayomide is not a thief. Mr. Lamina did upload his picture earlier before editing the post and added another picture where the face was slightly covered. Do the necessary and retract your claim else you would be sued for defamation of character. There is chaos already, don’t fuel it.

My name is Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman and I understand that my life is at stake at the moment. Whatever happens, I do feel proud standing up for the oppressed even though we do not entirely agree.

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman


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