Education is a benefit,


The journey starts with it,


Journey of life,


The road is stony and rough,


Without education very hard to climb,


The ladder of success,


Read and Learn,


Research, Innovation and development,


It’s like drinking water to prevent dehydration,


It nourish your body and soul,


Morally and spiritually,


Education is like jogging,


Without exercising,


Your muscles cannot be built,


Little shewing gum in your mouth,


Make an impact to exercise the brain,


Education is healthy,


It is a wealth bestow by our creator Allah,


The Quran is education,


Iqra the beginning of revelation,


Read and write,


Is the most beautiful way of life,


Commerce and trade,


Contacts and law,


Medicine and Chemistry,


Botanic and geology,


The ink of a Scholar,


Is mightier than the blood of a Martyr,


A walk to freedom,


Education is the key to success,


To learn is to be empowered,


Allah bestow knowledge to whom He will,


My Lord is the Most Wise and Mighty.




Credit : Ameen Olorunnimbe.


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