Let us not forget men who studied Christianity then revolted against it. Those beheaded, burnt at the stake, exiled,tortured etc…

Katarzyna Weiglowa (Wajglowa) was a Roman Catholic woman from the Kingdom of Poland who converted to Judaism or to Judaizing nontrinitarianism. She was burned at the stake in Kraków under the charge of apostasy when she refused to call Jesus Christ the Son of God. She is regarded by Unitarians and Jews (among others) as a martyr.

The Stratford Martyrs were eleven men and two women who were burned at the stake together for their Protestant beliefs, either at Stratford-le-Bow, Middlesex or Stratford, Essex, both near London, on 27 June 1556 during the Marian persecutions.

Many people were killed in the name of Christianity, Foxe’s book of martyrs is recommended for those who want to have a read. Sadly, these people died for nothing as no one would reward them, not even Jesus. This explains why we ask people not to misplace their activism.

Those who questioned Christianity became skeptics, deists, agnostics, atheists, omnists but by Allah’s mercy, WE FOUND ISLAM!!!

Many had died fighting against tyrants, for or against tribalism, many lost their lives fighting for their nations and many had died for the cause of Allah. Indeed, the ends we seek are diverse. Does it matter on which side we die, whether be right, whether be left when it is for the cause of Allah?NO!

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman


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