For a very long time, I have stopped believing whoever claims to hear directly from God. It is one thing to connect signs and events, it is another thing to claim God spoke with one directly. Nigerian Pastors never stop peddling lies against God.

In 2013, a lady in our office had reported me to her Pastor, that I embraced Islam. She told me I needed to see the Pastor because there was a vision that I would die. The Pastor, a very terrible liar, told me I needed to embrace Jesus not to die. I replied to his nonsense with the truth, that, I believed Jesus already being Muslim. Before then, he had asked how many wives my Father had, then, after some more questions, said the problem was from my Father’s family. It is 2020, I am alive.

Every year, African Pastors continue to give out prophecies that have been discovered to be mere lies, calculations and guess works. We should call them pundits not Pastors. It is unfortunate, that, lots of people do not reason and do not call these pastors into account for prophecies that were not manifest.

Some days ago, Pastor E.A Adeboye of the Redeemed Christian Church of God commented on the recent fire outbreaks in Nigeria. Unlike his fellow ‘men of God’, he confessed not to be a prophet, but, even as a Pastor, he hears from God once in a while.

He said,

“At the beginning of this year, you heard me say that the Lord said that on the international scene, there would be fire outbreaks, flood, storms, earthquakes, volcanoes, that what we saw in the past was child’s play. If you follow the news all over the world, you can see what is already happening.”

One wonders, when have these not been happening every year on the international scene? Someone prophecizes that there would be fire outbreaks, flood, storms, volcanoes…in over 190 countries within 365 days and e are to accept that he heard from God?

Is it also not amazing that this fire outbreak prophecy was not announced during the raining season? So, when it is raining season, Adeboye will remind us that he prophesied that there would be floods in the year 2020? I can guess better!

This same Adeboye once wrote on RCCG twitter page,

You don’t have to believe me, but, God has joined me in having breakfast before.
He drank tea with me. I call Him “Daddy” because we share a very special relationship.
Prayers prayed tonight will be answered by fire. @PastorEAAdeboye
#SwimmingInGlory3 #EAA77.”

No! We shall not believe a liar who has guts to lie against God. God joined him to eat breakfast and drank tea with him? How is this not an insult to his followers? Have they become so blinded and programmed that they cannot recognize a simple lie?

Daddy Freeze had reacted to his tweet, saying,

I am glad you know this, because we don’t and we won’t! You should have taken a selfie with him like some of your South African colleagues did…”

Indeed! Why not take a selfie with God too. Have we not seen a mentally deranged pastor who also claimed to have called God on the phone? Christians need to make use of their senses and enounce these liars, who no longer lie against humans, but, their Creator.

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman


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