Why are you not observing solah?
Can you just think and say the reason for ignoring solah?
Okay! Because you are too busy,
You feel you are still young and still have more years to live?
You said Satan ties you down and controlling you,
Why are you putting blame on Iblis?
Why can’t you stay on road and let car crush on you
Then said it is Iblis
Who gave you assurance that you will live long?

Don’t you know,
That the trace of ablution for solah
Will make you among the Gurul- Muhajirun
On the day of ressurection?
No matter how hard the problem is in your life
The best way to speak to Allah
Is through your sujud in Solah
If evil wants to befall on you;
Solah will serve as a guard!

Don’t you know,
That when death comes
And your loved and beloved leaves you
No one to talk with
Nor entertain you in the grave
Solah will come according to their times
And spend precious times with you.

Did you know missing solah intentionally is a great sin?
Don’t you know,
That Solah is one of the key to Jannah?
Key that has five teeth
If a key wants to open a door
With one of them removed
The key is useless!

Don’t you know,
That Solah looks like a phone number
That has 11 digits.
Imagine making a call
And a digit is missing
The number is useless
This is for you that pray once, twice, thrice
And not five and regularly
Solah is five daily prayers!

Why are you missing your Solah?
Are you waiting for calamity or disease to befall on you
Before you turn to your Lord?
Allah is waiting for you
To repent and reject
He is ready to forgive
All the flaws from the past,
For you to see the sweetness
In observing solah.

There is no excuse for neglecting solah
Sicks people are observing solah
Prisoners are observing solah
Brothers and Sisters, why are you not observing solah?
It is not too late to change
You can change now and repent for the past

Written by Maryam Abdulrafiu


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