The book POLYGYNY WITH MERCY provides a balanced approach to the polygyny discuss in a way that neither seeks to glorify the egos of men nor succumb to the emotions of women. It presents polygyny as what it is; permission for Muslim men from their Creator which neither its unfortunate exploitation by some men nor the natural dislike of many women suffices for any conscious Muslim to criticise it, especially in lieu of its vast benefits to the Muslim population.

The book is written in an evidence-based style that leaves you intellectually convinced even if your emotions may think otherwise. The chapters are arranged like a voyage through the topic in a manner that depicts the wealth of writing experience that the author has gathered over the years from his publishing sojourn. The book is recommended for all, especially married and unmarried Muslims; sharī’ah practitioners and judges; sharī’ah and Islamic Studies teachers and students of sharī’ah and Islamic Studies in higher institutions of learning across the globe.

The book ‘Polygyny with Mercy’ contains more than 350 pages. After considering the need to make the book affordable by all and sundry vis-a-vis the high cost of publication these days, the price has been fixed at ₦6,000 (Six Thousand Naira Only)

You can pay into this Account:
1888220015 || Abdullahi Abdullateef Lanre || FCMB)

Send evidence of payment to +2348158301855 (WhatsApp Only) with your account name, location and phone number.

The book will be sent to you wherever you are in sha Allāh after its Public Presentation on *Saturday, 18th June, 2023* subject to payment of cost of sending depending on your location.

For our international readers, the book is already available on Amazon through these links:

https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0C47WF14K (UK)

https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0C47WF14K (USA)

Jazaakumullahu khairan


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