The Creator of all
Created by none
Creator of day
And also the night
The Creator of death
That will never die
Creator of forgiveness
That will never sin
The Creator of wealth
That will always spend
Creator of sleep
But will not slumber
The Lord of heaven
And also the earth.

He, the forgiver of sins
Forgives if wish,
When wishes, for who he wishes
He, the pure that purifies
Who he wishes to get purified
He is the first when
Nothing was in existence
And the Last when
Nothing will be in existence
He is the life giver
That spares who he wishes
And destroys if wishes.

The Omniscient, Omnipresent
The seer, hearer and knower
Of all the hidden and manifest
The coverer, the wise
The independent that
All depend on
Nothing can be compared
To His majesty
No amount of news
Can say about Him.

The Lord of all lords
King of the worldly kings
Judge of the Judges
The only one.

None but He
He is Allah!

Written by Maryam Abdulrafiu


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