Western ideology says drink responsibly,

Islam says abstain totally from intoxicants.

Western ideology says use condoms & contraceptives,

Islam says abstain from premarital sex and adultery.

Western ideology says gender equality,

Islam says gender right.

Western ideology says what a man can do a woman can do better,

Islam says that women were not created to do what men can do.

Western ideology says viewers discretion, 18+ only,

Islam says no to pornographic materials.

Western ideology says showing your body makes you look attractive & desirable,

Islam says covering your body makes you look respectable and adorable.

Western ideology says you can’t marry more than one wife but you can have a string of extramarital affairs,

Islam says it’s forbidden for you to have extramarital affairs but if you’re capable financially, physically and emotionally and can be just among them, you can marry more than one wife up to a maximum of four.

Western ideology says you may give to the poor and needy out of your wealth if you so wish,

Islam says you MUST give to the poor and needy a stipulated fraction out of your wealth.

Western ideology says you accumulating lot of wealth and property is a sign that God loves you,

Islam says that you amassing lot of wealth and properties is a sign of God testing you and how kind you are to the poor and needy through the wealth is a test by your creator.

Western ideology says this world is meant to be enjoyed,

Islam says this world is a test for all believers.

Western world says that death is a punishment and bad omen from the devil,

Islam says death is from God and simply the medium of returning the creature back to its creator for accountability.

Western ideology says challenge your husband for equality in leadership and supremacy of the home,

Islam says respect & be humble to your husband as the leader of the home.

Western ideology says that civilization means adopting the ways of Western culture so as to be exposed,

Islam says that civilization simply means doing things in better ways along with decency & modesty.

Western ideology says respecting your husband means being enslaved by your husband,

Islam says respecting your husband means honoring him and making yourself adorable to him.

Western ideology says that you can touch, kiss, hug, peck an opposite sex you’re not related to by blood or marriage,

Islam says that you’re forbidden from having any form of physical contacts with an opposite sex you’re not related to by marriage or blood so as to prevent lustful acts and adultery.

Western ideology says that you can visually appreciate a girl by stirring at her beauty but don’t lust after her,

Islam says lower your gaze from a woman/lady that you’re not related to by blood or marriage and not feasting on her beauty with your eyes so as not to stimulate lustful desires in you.

Western ideology says that being disciplined in line with the creator’s principles is an act of terrorism, extremism, fanatism and fundamentalism while,

Islam says that abiding by the principles of Almighty Allah according to the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) is an act of obedience and love for the creator.


Think it’s up to you to judge for yourself what life should be all about…


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