Yesterday is History,

Tomorrow is Mystery,

Today remains a Gift,

An oportunity to give our life a Lift!

His sourjorn to the Sick World,

Can’t be captured by mere Word,

It was full of Lessons,

Am sure He says AlhamduLillaah for lots of Reasons!

Seeing patients like him dying was hard to Take,

It brought melancholic cold, an sure his will head began to Ache,

It was who’s next to go,

Who’s blood has stopped to Flow?

Plenty were those feared Dead,

While he was drinking drip on his sick Bed,

While his co-patient was taken by Death,

He laid flat, couldn’t help but Wept!

Pathetic! The some were suffering,

Gasping for breath,

Some poor Nurse was wandering,

Thinking of help,

It was as though he was the next Patient,

That time, he had to excercise Patience!


“Fellow brothers and Sisters, Death is but a leap into the dark, no one sees it until it spreads its light, and it’s light can only be seen by those whose turn is next”

We held profound gratitute to ALL who sent in their well wishes and those waiting for his Death notice.

We can’t thank you enough, but I know Allah will reward you abundantly!

Permit us to say; JazaakumuLlaahu Khayran to ALL!


Written : Hassan Ali Ibn Maruphdeen



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