As-salaam ‘alaykum warahmatuLlahi wabarakaatuhu,

It is with reluctance and sadness that we push to the public this request that the Muslim Ummah assist a Sheikh; his health and honour.

He is a father, a Sheikh known to many of us. Not too long ago, he was involved in an accident that has sent him to the theatre for surgery, the next would be the tenth.

The collapse in his health has also brought loans that he incurred in an attempt to pay the hospitals. Nevertheless, the relentless Sheikh still delivers lectures, calling to the way of Allah.

Concerned, we have come together to raise funds for this Sheikh to see to his health and protect his honour for the sake of Allah.

The times are hard, we have made lots of deliberations before reaching out to the public. Kindly help us raise the sum of #3, 000, 000 for the Sheikh.

If this reaches you, the least you can do is share.

Kindly pay to.;

0113094562 UNION BANK (Knowislam Project)

Those in the diaspora can pay to

111140 sort code
10807560 account number
Name Semiat O Tiamiyu

Your Zakat donations will go a long way in helping this cause, may Allah reward you. Aameen.

For information, contact the following persons;

Ustaadh Sanusi Lafiagi: +234 803 658 4059

Ustaadh Ibn Hajar: +234 810 094 9628

Qaasim Ameenah: +44 7424 486645

Mallam Abdu-razaq Akinola: +44 7412 460170

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman: +234 701 577 9491



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