Sacha Baron Cohen may be very nasty but he is one of those actors who satires depict his knowledge of the society he lives in. He understands the politics, the ideologies, the propaganda, etc.

The advent of Social Media has seen many who know very little or nothing about their society yet so loud that their ignorance silence the enlightenment that comes from the learned, the aware.


Our world of today is a world of trends. You go on twitter to look out for top ten trending, call it a world of hashtags. While these hashtags really do help with awareness, a new trend overrides an existing trend that we forget about the previous trend. Consequently, we have no real practical solutions to the problems in our society.

One needs to understand that a trending topic is a trending topic and may not reflect the real situation either positively or negatively – exaggerate or understate.

Months ago, one would think that the whole of Nigerians are on the verge of suicide. A University student had commuted suicide and for days, we were recording more suicide cases and we went, #saynotosuicide but today? It was a trend and what why it appeared like the whole nation is suicidal was due to the media attention it got. So, we ask the question, after the trend, are we really checking on people as we said during the trend?


At the time of this writing, rape is trending in Nigeria following the rape and murder of one Uwa (a young lady) in a church. Check the internet now, it looks as if a girl is raped every second. This is not to understate the seriousness of rape but to ask us if our campaigns are at heart and will continue with and without trends. If BBNaija starts today, will you remember to campaign against rape?

Also, it should be understood that judgment cannot be formed based on emotions alone. Many females who are opposed to Feminism have been unconsciously caught in its web during this campaign against rape. You MUST speak against rape in a way that they want you to. You are not permitted to think critically else you are given the rapist tag. The rape campaign has been turned to a campaign against men.

When we turn vices to war against men or women instead of addressing issues, there’s a problem. Your Feminism or Meninism may sound nice on paper, however, Matriarchy or Patriarchy, our fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, sons, and daughters are still at the receiving end. So, no point is made, it’s still a circle. Address issues and don’t take advantage of situations to vent your anger against men or women.

To be clearer, if we endorse men beating women, someone will beat our sisters and daughters, if you say men are scum, it includes your fathers, brothers, and sons.

When the news of the rape and murder of Barakat Bello (may Allah forgive her) broke out, I asked myself some questions, even discussed them with a friend. If I ask these questions on the Social Media, will I not be called a rapist apologist?


A group of men went into a house to rape and kill a young lady (though rape cannot be justified) and that was all it? If you check the report, the story had been twisted by those who want to make a point that the way you address does not increase or decrease the rate of crime. All other parts of the story have been ignored, the most important thing was that she was a Muslim and in Hijab and was raped and that’s all that matters. Say no to rape was the hashtag but the fact that they were robbers was ignored. Emotional Journalism!

After some investigation, it was discovered that the culprits were robbers who went to steal in the house. The young lady had heard noises, left the bathroom to check where the noise was coming from. Unfortunately, she ran into the evil men who raped and gruesomely murdered her.

Because what happened does not fit into the feminist-like narrative, putting things in proper perspective could give you the rapist tag. Ironically, this type of emotional journalism is counterproductive and the one who is seems as a rapist apologist may not be the enemy at all.

If journalism and justice are based on emotions, the culprits, when caught would be charged for rape. Is rape not the crime? Are we not saying #saynotorape?. Now that journalism and justice are not just based on emotions, a proper assessment of the ugly incident tells us that there was a robbery, rape, and murder. Emotions don’t do it all and that is why some of us will not be FORCED to speak against a vice the way you want us to. Emotions could barricade your sense of justice and direction and action.

Lastly, send admonitions to the bandwagon Muslim sisters. Again, there is no justification for rape, and every same person knows rape is wrong except for Sadh Ghuru and his likes who say nothing is bad or good, everyone is just pursuing happiness. Islam has given some certain measures that could curb, if not eliminate rape. Unfortunately, many of these sisters do not want to hear them, they are unconsciously singing the song of the West and feminism against Allah’s advice.

No to Indecent dressings, alcohol, prostitution, walking with a Mahram etc. are measures g given by Allah to curb these vices. When a Muslim says these do not matter, that is like saying Allah was wrong. While they dwell in their ignorance, the wailing continues but the problem persists. We say Capital Punishment for rapists, they say we are archaic and barbaric, when someone rapes your daughter and mother and he’s sentenced to death, call Amnesty International to fight for his right.

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman





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