Uncircumcised Hausa and Fulani Muslims?

If this topic is mere politics, I would not be bothered. The fact that it has to do with the identity of Muslims makes this piece necessary.

There is a molehill belief, yet popular among some Christians in Nigeria that Muslims, particularly the Hausa or Fulani Muslims, aren’t circumcised. This will particularly be true if these non Muslims peeped and are still peeping to see how they (Hausa and Fulani Muslims) look like when they are taking their bath. If not, how on Earth did they know, these Muslims of these two ethnic group do not get circumcised?

I think I once heard this tale as a young child from an adult Christian. I can recall fervently, but the sketches are scattered all over pictorial enabled section of my brain.

Another time, now, as an adult I heard this, was when it was reported that a fulani man raped a lady in the farm; most likely a Christian. The narrator or listener, a Christian said, “…and fulanis are not circumcised..”

What he meant was the pain of biological intercourse between male and female is a brunt for the famale, but WORSE IF THE MALE IS NOT CIRCUMCISED. This is not the base or angle that my article is taking a shot at.

I remember a northern Christian woman from Benue, She is a neighbor. We talked about cultural infuluences, assimilations and interactions.

She told me that fulanis aren’t allowed to live in their village. It is a 99.9 Christian Catholic village. I think around Otukpo area of Idoma speaking people.

I think she once mentioned a fulani man getting drunk or a fulani man who herds cattle is a Muslim. But what I am certain was my sublime response to the assertion she submitted.

“Have you ever seen a fulani cattle herder who at any point in time stops his cattle, take out a mat and pray the way Muslim do?”

The question was like a thunderstorm.
She replied No! I said, you can see a Muslim praying at any time when it is time for Salaah. Expecially Hausa Muslims. He would keep his stock by the side; do ablution and pray.
She replied she had seen Hausa muslims Praying.

Very well! This is how you identify a Muslim, not by race or ethnic groupings.

I told her again, there are many Nunu (unadulterated cow milk) seller without Hijab. Matter of fact, there is nothing linking them to Islam in identity.
She agreed immediately. I said, it is obvious the person is not a Muslim.
What you people don’t know is, there are Animist (word for traditionalist) in Muslim dominated ethnic group.(Clothing every Hausa or fulani as a Muslim is a Poor mission).

Matter of fact, the hijab wearing fulani nunu seller, there are chances they are still linked to traditional religion while having Muslim identity.
The Bororo or fulani Daji (I think) are Non Muslims. But people categorized them as Muslims, it is problematic.

While serving in Enugu, in the midst of Christians, I didn’t downplay my muslimness. The school I was serving, I would maintain uprightness to the level Allah permit and also do my job, to the level Allah helps me to.
I know it was a Christian dominated state.
The student and people hardly get a better view and understanding of Islam. So, I offered my student a rare opportunity to ask me questions on every area including Islam (which many were happy to ask questions about).

An SSS 3 student said, Master! Why are Muslims, Hausa, fulani Muslim not circumcised ? (Not sic)

I said, Muslims believe in the convenant of Abraham. One of the many convenant was circumcision. Muslims as a whole are circumcised. It is “compulsory in Islam” to undergo this ritual.

I said, those people who aren’t circumcised are either non Muslims who you see as Muslims.
Muslim who have a biological problem that may end his life or cause any other severe bodily harm.
I said, Muslims generally are circumcised. If you see one or two doesn’t mean Muslims are no longer circumcised.
Factually, she didn’t see. It was one of those myth peddled since the commencement of 21st century of Nigeria civilization.

Talking about bodily damage; Muslims, in Agbede area (a Muslim territory) of Edo state, there were Igbira migrants from kogi mainly engaged in farming in Agbede.
There was a child of a family of Igbira called Malik. I learnt he wasn’t circumcised. When i inquired why? I was told he always fainted when the ritual is to be done.
I think I asked when will it eventually be done?
I think the answer was, “when he becomes adult; he can take pains then, but it would pain him.”

Muslims aren’t uncircumcised. They are circumcised.

By Jimoh Shehu


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