Protesters have gathered in Osogbo for the #EndSARS protest to put an end to police brutality in the Nigeria.

The protest which started peaceful has degenerated into a riot since the protesters were attacked by thugs alleged to have been from the government.

14th of October

Thugs attacked the protesters at Freedom Park and dispersed them.


15th of October

The protesters regrouped and caught someone alleged to be a thug. After several beatings, he escaped


17th of October

The State Governor, Mr. Oyetola went to meet with the protesters and addressed them. While delivering a speech, he was attacked by those he called political thugs.

Two people died on the same day. The protesters accused the government and his convoy. The claim was met with a denial from the government. The government claimed that death had nothing to do with his convoy.

Tension has gripped the whole city. A market close to the Post Office got burnt. The protesters did not claim responsibility. Eye witnesses said that it was tension that probably led any of the shop owners to have been careless with whatever could spark fire.


19th of October

One of protesters was kidnapped by unknown men. Afterwards, a Facebook post said he was an armed robber.

He was released on the same day after being tortured. Follow this thread for more info on this;


20th of October

Protesters gather again. They have been joined by others who claim to be a backup for them…


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