The blood-stained Nigerian flag from Lekki crisis broke my heart. However, I did not shed a tear till I read from people who are calling on the International community to see the evil of the Nigerian Government.

I have continued to study and monitor the actions and steps of the protesters and the government. I have written, “#EndSARS, Long walk to misery” and my most recent night musing on the #EndSARS protest.

The thought of the international community made me sad. People should have learnt from history. Do people not read or just pretend not to know. Let me not waste much lines. The international community cannot help us as much as we can help ourselves.

Mahmoud Hussein is an Aljazeera journalist held in Egypt for about four years now. The United Nations called on Egypt to end Hussein’s “arbitrary detention“, saying the “appropriate remedy would be to release Mr Hussein immediately” yet nothing was done.

Since the death of Gaddafi of Libya in 2011, there have been coup attempts and unrest in Libya for the past 9 years. If it has taken 9 years and the international community cannot bring calm to that region, why do we think in them lies our solace?

Do I need to start to mention Syria? What is the international community doing? What of Myanmar? What of Palestine?

The international community we so run to are only interested in their economic gains. They set their feet here and they never leave. Guns are sold, weapons are tested, resources are stolen. Unrest in a state is happiness for invaders.

How much has the international community helped Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan? How many souls died during the Rwandan Genocide before they call it quite.

Let me state, unequivocally, that I against the shooting of protesters. It would lead to more bloodshed, terrorism, more chaos and misery for the citizens.

It baffles me that some who are against the protest do feel it is okay that the protesters are shot or dispersed with force. The misery is collective and we all wound suffer for it.

I have written articles on this protest. It had outlived its relevance. It is an evil thing for the government to disperse the protesters with force. However, an intellect being would compare what the masses the protesters have to lose with the continuation of the protest than putting a stop to it.

The point has been made. The sacrifice we have to offer it too much for the point we want to make.

I have written and will still continue to write, not because I want to mock those who disagree but because we could learn, compare notes, take actions that are in the best interest of Nigerians and if not, history would remember us for talking.

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman


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