Zero plus Zero plus Zero can not possibly ever give you One!

Study the Embryo and tell me how did we get here?

And we will die and turn to bones soon!

Oh! You forget so soon that you yourself will be sufficient to account for your own deeds?

So you live your life as if you own your soul?

OH! hungry little kids in the street, I feel your pain, i give the little I have and I wish I have all it takes to take you off the street and clean you up.

I cry when i wake up from my room and see you shivering under no roof, under hot sun you walk around with barefoot and the pain I can’t help but cry!

Yet, some have the means and the luxuries of life, money; no problem and the only thing they think about is to club, smoke, gamble and flirt!

Well, I have just one last word of reminder for you, you have everything under control today, remember the day you will become subject of control.

Yes, you bath by yourself today, remember the day you will be taken and be washed!

You have gotten possibly the best bed where you sleep, remember the day you will become a stain on your own bed and you will be laid flat on the floor!

You build some mansions and you can only occupy a room in this house of yours, yet thousands of poor innocent souls are out there with nowhere to hide their heads, you careless.

Soon, you will be taken off this mansion of yours and a new abode {grave} will be constructed carelessly by those who couldn’t clean your shoes while you were still breathing and this is where you will be buried!

See, you have the best of tailors who give you the best of designs with costly materials to show, yet you never bother to give the abandoned clothes of yours to that poor innocent looking person close to you who can manages to wear rag.

Soon, just one white piece of clothe will become your best attire as you head in down the grave!

Oh Ya Allahu, indeed, we know this world is but like a prison for the true believers, but again Robana Aatuna Fidunya Aasanatan Wa Fil Airat Asanatan Wakina Asaaba Nnaari.

Allahuma Ihdinas Siratal Mustaqeem.


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