Praise be to Allaah.
We thank Allaah for making the KiriKiri Maximum and Female Prison Visitation a huge success, may Allaah accept it as an act of Ibadah.

Around 11:20am, we got to the KiriKiri Prison Facility and we met various Islamic organization on ground i.e Lekki Muslim Ummah (LEMU), Islamic Dawah Foundation and others.

After we did all the required process of registration by the Prison’s entrance, we entered into the prison with our tags, we met the inmates in the burnt masjid, some were outside teaching one another the Qur’aan, Lecture was delivered in there languages (Yoruba, Hausa and English) and they were told on no condition should they renounce their faith; and that they should not be carried away by The frequent visit of the Nasara.

After the lecture. Due to limited time, 4 of them were allowed to relate their challenges and what led them to the prison. We were moved to tears as they related their experience with us. Some where detained because of no sureties to stand for them or no money to secure bail, some were illegally arrested; they were not involved in crime as alleged by them, Allah knows what is hidden.
The climax of it when was one of d inmates called the “Adhan”, everyone was impressed with his blessed voice resembles that touches the heart.

Notably, the Inmates were asked about their challenges and they put some of these as their topmost hurdles:
1. Lack of proper food to take sahur and Iftaar.
2. Lack of money to secure bail for some of them which amount in some cases is N10,000+
3. Non-completion of the burnt mosque after it was razed by fire, especially its roofing.
4. Lack of regular visitation by Islamic organizations except few i.e Zumratul Islamiyyah Jam’aah that usually visit every last Thursday of the month.
5. Non-documentation and loss of important files as some documents were lost to the mosque inferno.

We hereby plead to the Ummah to assist the cause of our brothers in the prisons all around as ‘Ummah Care for the inmates Foundation’ wants her visitation to Prisons all over the Country regularly to cater for the spiritual and physical needs of the inmates by inviting Islamic lecturers to give them sermons and also donation of other beneficial daily needs for their usage.

Activities for the next visitation include:

1. Giving Islamic Sermons to the Inmates.
2. Legal services to inmates who have fines to pay and documentation of other similar cases.
3. Presentation of beneficial islamic books to the Prison Mosque’s library.
4. Procurement of foodstuffs, toilet rolls, pads, clothes, drugs, slippers and other daily-use products for their upkeep. Food items and materials are also welcome from donors!!
5. Plans on empowerment and further education for the inmates. Etc.

We hereby plead to the Ummah to join us in this worthy cause by paying a visit to our brothers, purchasing some of the items to take along during the visitation and assist the inmates in our prayer.
Our financial contribution can be sent to: ?
PAYMENT Information (?), Please note that this is a temporary account of the convener provided for this cause and all funds remitted are solely for the inmates, work is ongoing on ‘CARE FOR THE INMATES’ Registration and statutory bank account.

*Account information:*

Account Name :
Lawal Afeez Arishekola
Account No
Bank :
Access Bank

May Almighty Allah reward you all, Grant you all goodness and make Jannah our final Abode. May Allah in His infinite mercy assist us all and enrich our pockets Ameen

For enquiries: ?☎
Brother Habeeb Ademola Kamaldeen:08132413892
Brother Lawal Afeez Arishekola:07033255396 or 08184355474.

Assalam Alaykum Warahmotullah Wabarakatuh.


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