In the Name of Allah, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful

📌Ten brothers and a sister turned up for the visitation. We were allowed entry at 12:14pm. At the facility, there were 1,269 inmates in total; 1,246 males and 23 females. A total of 1,116 including 1,096 males and 20 females are awaiting trial.

📌After gaining entrance, we dispersed to give cell to cell daawah to the inmates. Hence, the members addressed our hosts on various topics bothering on their Deen.

📌We delivered the following items: Garri (N10, 500), toothpaste (N4, 500), bathing soap (N2, 600), kuli kuli (N2, 000).

📌We spoke with a senior officer in charge of the correctional facility about increasing the visitation time. The officer promised a feedback on the proposal of increasing the time to 2hrs from 11 am to 1pm.

📌The Imaam of the mosque spoke at length; thanked us profusely and prayed for us and the organisation. He however lamented the low frequency of visitation by Muslim organisations. He also called for the need for more leniency and forgiveness from Muslims who are complainants in many of their cases.

📌There is the case of one Adeleke Olaade Jamiu (‘stealing’) who, in his words, has been given a year sentence with an option of N30, 000 fine.

📌A very vibrant brother among the inmates, Hameed Imran (‘a lifer’) needs comprehensive treatment for typhoid, malaria and hypertension.

📌Asimiyu Shittu noted that the complainants in his case are no longer serious with it, hence needs his lawyer to be more forthcoming.

📌We left the facility at around 1pm.

📌May Almighty Allah accept the efforts of the members, delegates and contributors as acts of Ibaadah. May He rectify us and ease our affairs and those of our Ikhwa in the prisons.

Idris A. Adediran
For: UCIF, Agodi Correctional Facility, Ibadan
23rd Jumaada Al-Awwal, 1441AH


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