I really wished i could have the patient to read all the contents of this book and then write the lessons from it but I can’t keep these lessons for too long, the book is didactic and a must read for everyone.

Al Ghuraba written by Dr. Binte Islam is a book centered on youths exuberance, sins, forgiveness, repentance, reclaiming one’s heart, trials, friendship, betrayal and many more themes.

I love the way the author employs the use of Quranic allusions and that of hadith, it gives you the opportunity to ponder on Allah’s words and see the practical aspects which is the storyline.


Khawlah’s Trial:

Khawlah’s trial shows that Allah SWT sometimes inflict us with trials so we can go back to Him. This is a means by which Allah calls the lost soul, just like Khawlah who loves to be called Katy before her trial. Trial becomes something we would be grateful for when we realise Allah’s wisdom at the end.

Maryam’s Good Heart:

Maryam’s character is like an embodiment of the Prophet’s teachings. You wouldn’t help but think about how the Prophet SAW propagated Islam with his character. Maryam was nice to Katy (Khawlah) despite her uncouth behavior in their first encounter which later lead to Khawlah trusting and confiding in her and made it easy for Maryam to propagate pristine Islam to her with Allah’s will.

Khawlah’s Repentance:

Khawlah was scared of facing Allah after her enormous sins because she felt she had “nothing to offer Allah”. We at times fall into this trap of I’m too nothing to be close to Allah which then distance us from Him. In this book Khawlah had the same thoughts which was corrected by her friend. Allah loves sinners that want to repent no matter the enormousness of the sins.

Sweetness Of Faith:

The sweetness of faith gives our heart tranquility as we do what please Allah, He also gives us solace and help us forget our grief. AlhamduliLlah! Don’t deny yourself the opportunity to taste the sweetness of faith.

Ok, let me stop here I’m not even through with the book, lol. This is a must read for everyone. 💫

Olatunde Azeezah (PenTalks)


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