Christians see the accompanying pains during childbirth as a punishment on women for the so-called original sin supposedly committed by Adam and Eve. As far as Islam is concerned, both of them committed the sin of disobedience to Allah by eating fruits from the tree which Allah had earlier forbidden them but they were accused together not the wife alone as Christianity says Eve lured Adam to eat from the tree.Quran2:35-36 narrates this ordeal.

In Quran2:37, they both realized they have sinned and they sought Allah’s forgiveness and the LORD of the universe forgave them as he is the oft-forgiving, most merciful. There is no such verse in the Quran where Allah said women will be put through pains of child labour as a punishment for the sin committed by their forefathers, Adam and Eve. The only thing Allah did was to change their location from Jannah to earth where we are today.Quran2:38-39.

Since Allah has forgiven them, there is no such thing as original sin, which other cultures also believe is transferable or inheritable from generation to generation. Scientifically, logically and Islamically, such phenomenon of inheriting other people’s sin is not only abnormal and absurd but it also contradicts all generally acceptable laws of justice.

To punish anyone at all for the sins he did not commit is not only unjust and against such person’s human right, but is also a great sin on those who administered the punishment. It is therefore unimaginable and actually blasphemous for someone or an individual to think of God engaging for involving himself in such act as punishing innocent souls for offences they never committed.

The God we serve is Islam, ALLAH is far different from that, He is Just, merciful, compassionate, caring and forgives absolutely, after which he will make full provision for and bless the one who repents.

Original sin therefore no longer have any basis, with the coming of Islam. It brought the truth, to clear all misconceptions. Islam establishes the fact that only he that sins will be punished, If however he or she seeks forgiveness before punishment catches up with him or her, Allah is most merciful. Oft-forgiving.

Even the bible, as does the Quran testifies to the fact that no one will bear the sins of another in Ezekiel18:20, Deuteronomy 24:16

To clear these erroneous claims and misconceptions was prophet Muhammad{SAW} sent as a plain warner, bringer of truth to the whole of mankind.

Islam, the only ticket to paradise.


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