I knew a man. Anything under skirt, irrespective of the age, was succulent to feast on. That, to him, was one of the things that defined worldly enjoyments. This he would shamelessly do not minding that those women had husbands, and the girls fathered by fellow men.

His son was once told by his secondary school mate how his dad asked her to go pants down for him not realising she was his son’s colleague. What else could be more ignominious than this life of filth? This is no fiction, dear reader; it’s a true-life story. It only shows how people (fathers for that matter – whose characters should be worthy of being mirrored) are destructively drowned in the pit of immorality.

One fateful day, on a special visit, I was in the living room of the Casanova, and seated in our circle was a daughter of his whose secondary education was just concluded. The TV was turned on, and appearing on the screen was a female philanthropist who was asking girls not more than 18 to come win prizes if tested virgin. The woman given her ugly experience during her teen days wanted to encourage chastity among girls. This she was philanthropically committed to.

The Casanova of a father gazed fixedly at his daughter asking her to warm up for participation. Rather than give an applaudable response, the girl’s countenance suggested something unpalatable – that she was no more brand new. At 16? She had been bedded – maybe incalculably – as the father would do to other people’s daughters and wives. “Talk to me, girl! Aren’t you a virgin?” The young lady was puzzled by her father’s probe. “I’m sorry, dad. I lost it sometime ago, sir,” she answered, breaking her father’s heart.

The philanderer was pained that his daughter did not make him proud in the midst of his visitors. The handwriting showed all over him – seriously perturbed that her own girl had become deflowered at such a tender age. “Abẹ́ni-lórí kì í fẹ́ idà lórí i rẹ̀.” (One who beheads will never like sword being taken over his head).

Today, some of the daughters of the notorious lothario aren’t fit as good examples for teenage girls. I know one who is now with her third husband. She was married and dumped like her father had done to many.

Hmm! The evil men do today haunts them tomorrow. May we not pay for the sins of our parents.

Sanni Kay Yusuf


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