Sanni Kay Yusuf

Given my passion for Sunnah and my all dedicated to da’wah, I shouldn’t do less than an all-covering hijabi. I knew it and I was convinced beyond doubts that, that was the way to go. But I had to sooth mum and dad. I did their wish, albeit in sadness.

The interesting thing was that I had the support of all friends with whom the path of Sunnah was being tread. They understood my predicament, shared my sentiment and stood by me. We all did the ultimate search together on who would fit into what I wanted.

I wanted a lady of my parents’ taste that would later fit into my passion. I knew it would not be easy to come by. So I humbled myself in invocation to my Creator to take charge.

My friends did fantastically well. They seemed more concerned than I was. Such was the bond of brotherhood shared back then. Sometimes I wish the hand of time was brought back. Like the eagle, they helped eye many that would meet up our “triple standard”. And they finally got one – a lady that would only tie a scarf. Haa! But it was amazing that such a person could be recommended by fellow ahlus-sunnah brothers, some of whom were elderly and were married to jilbabis. They told me she was a promising lady: that she seemed to be religiously conscious and have a good heart. Unanimously, they agreed and urged me to try her out.

I was afraid, even though a critical gaze at her was soothing. She had wifely qualities safe the most important of all – religion. I did my istikhaarah (prayer for guidance), approached her best friend (a jilbabi and wife to a friend) to inquire about her. That gave me a loveable insight into who she originally was. She told me it’s someone like me she needed in her life to tread the path of righteousness: one who could put her through religion and spirituality. Being her bosom friend, she was full-percent confident she would improve to taste. She told me a lot of good things about her.

I was glad to be gladdened with the fabulously soothing pieces of information gathered. My ego glowed and tongue teased to get the lady wooed for a queen. And as a legitimate son of his father, he took up the lady in an irresistible haven of conversation, but no, his hope was rather dashed with the lady’s “I would think about it” response. Haa! See my life outside.



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