Oh Ramadan,
the birth month of Humul kitab,
When ajar is the gates of paradise.
And shut the doors of hell
A moon of redemption.
Begin it is, with rain of mercy
Now in it end (Alhamdulilah)
Oh! Do well to, fetch it, beg for it
Forgiveness lies in between,

Oh Ramadan!
The Jannah bonanza
You are here;
To test our Sabr,
For us to live righteously.
You are here;
For our thoughts to be purified.
You are here;
Not for us to starve,
but to feed our souls.
You are here;
never to stay moody
but to guard our tongue and say no evil.

You are here;
not for us to be unaware
but learn to lower our gaze.
You are here for us to be sincere
Seek for forgiveness,
to release some stress.
Beseech for Allah’s forgiveness
It is the gateway to happiness .
Remember the countless blessings
And stay away from slumbering.
Indulge in the act of earnestness
To awaken us from heedlessness.
Unimpeded is the door of repentance
For you is the pathway for sustenance

Oh Ramadan!
That comes with so much mercy and forgiveness.
You are here for us to cry out our sins to
the Merciful, the forgiver
For Him alone is the most high
Repent Brethren!

Everything shall finish
And it will remain Allah
The most beneficent
And the merciful.
All praise to Allah,
the king of all days,
the king of the day of judgement.
Thee, we worship and from You
We ask for guidance and assistance.
Guide us to the right path,
And not the part of those, who go astray.
We testify there is no God except Allah .

© Ruqqayah


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