1. The prophet son died on eid day and He kept repeating Allahu Akbar about seven times because He was lost in thought about the grief until an angel came to remind him.

Truth: Takbeer of Eid is legislated by Allah to be 7 and 5 originally and no single authentic proof that shows it was due to demise of prophet’s son. The prophet had observed some eid prayers before the death of his son and the Takbeer had always be 7 and 5. No documented evidence in Sunnah that any of prophet’s son died on eid day. If the prophet had forgotten truly and the angel supposedly reminded him, He had no reason to keep doing what was supposedly a mistake the subsequent years.

2. If you set up sacrificial rams in fight, You will be turned into ram on the day of resurrection and be set up in head butting contests with some rams.

Truth : It is forbidden to set up rams in fight. Muslims are enjoined to show mercy to animals even those meant to be sacrificed to Allah must be slaughtered as fast as possible to minimise their suffering unto death. The knives must be sharpened and the slitting of throat rapid with covering of the eyes. What punishment awaits those who traumatise animals is known to Allah and his messenger. No documented evidence that they will be turned into rams.

3.Prophet Ibrahim promised Allah to sacrifice his son if He gives him one and He forgot after He was blessed with the child.

Truth: No documented evidence of where Ibrahim made such promise to Allah in Sunnah. Ibrahim was infertile for years and when He was eventually blessed with Ismail (ASW) . Allah tested his faith by asking him to slaughter the child in a dream revelation. Ibrahim and his son willingly surrendered to the dictate of Allah and therefore passed the test. He demonstrated utmost submission to the will of Allah and was therefore described as a “Muslim”- the one who submits to the will of Allah.

4. Couples shouldn’t have intercourse on this Eid day lest it results in a pregnancy of a baby that will grow up to be a violent and blood shedding hoodlum.

Truth: this originated from a book called (Qala Sheikh), authored by Sheikh Adam Al Aloory. The information is baseless and has no evidence in Sunnah. It was just based on some personal reasoning and philosophy. Couple can have sex on this Eid day and give birth to pious offspring.

5. The earth doesn’t absorb any part of the blood of the animals slaughtered in order to make people know the blood doesn’t go to Allah.

Truth: The earth absorbs the liquid part of the blood and the cellular componets also putrifies with time due to bacterial actions. Allah says neither the blood nor the meat of the sacrificial lambs gets to him, but rather your piety does. He doesn’t need to prove that to Muslims by preventing the blood from being absorbed by the sand, after all Allah doesn’t live underneath the earth crust. He reclines on his throne in the lofty heavens.

Morals : Islam is an academic religion. No place for rumours or fabricated stories.

Eidul Mubarak.
Happy eid.
Barak da Sallah.
Aku Odun o.


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