These are the days of patience
These are the days your faith will be pushed,tested and shaken
These are the days fitnah (test nd trials ) will be spread.


You can’t stop it, it’s decreed
The days liers will be believed and honest will be falsified
The days when all trust will be lost, and power will be in the hand of most treacherous


These are the days of corruption and deceit

The days technology will progress and our humanity will regress
These are the days many heart will die except those chosen by the most high.


These are the days our prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) warned us about
The days when the Bedouins will compete in the sky and
When a mother will give birth to her own master.


When intoxicants are consumed in the most despicable way
Illegal and immoral sexuality becomes okay

It’s the days when a true believer will be a strange and looked down upon low.
Just like it began 1400 yrs ago, and Kings of deception will lead the way
As they try to extinguish Allah’s light, but it’s a loosing fight.


For the haqq (truth) will never be erased, it’s a guarantee from the trustee
Malik al mulk, the owner of all sovereignty…

This life is a test and you surely be shaken
Just like those who came long before you, so stand strong
For now is not the time to let this dunya (world) take grasp of you.


For it’s lure is strong, it’s grip is tight and it won’t let go
This dunya is a deception, a veil that will soon be lifted

Source: Muslim call

Credit: One path


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