The attitudes of Christian apologists, pastors, bishops and Evangelists brings one to the conclusion that their Evangelism is not complete till they add lies, fabrications, hatred and propaganda. The likes of David Wood, Sam Shamoun, Pastor Ajisafe are examples.

It is important that we Muslims equip ourselves with the latest lies coming from these people then hesitate not to expose and refute them as these lies would later become a handbook, reference and source for Christians against Islam.

Earlier, I shared the encounter I had with a nurse at the hospital. She had a grave misconception about Jihad and she was tutored, read it here ( She also also asked;

“How many times was Jesus(AS) mentioned in the Qur’an and how many times was prophet Muhammad (pbuh) mentioned.”

Here is a summary of my response:

“Nurse, I love this your question but do you know the man who started this number of times name was mentioned is a chronic and pathetic liar? His name is Mario Joseph, a man who claimed to be an Imam in a parish. Do Muslims worship in a parish?

An Imam that cannot recite a verse of the Qur’an in Arabic. You have the chance to say I’m wrong about where you got the question from.”

Nurse : Continue…

Lucas Bashir : You can consider visiting, search for refutation to the testimony of Mario Joseph, we refuted him a long time ago. (Readers can check here ). I don’t read minds, I’m just lucky to know where you got your question from.

Now, It is indeed true that Jesus (AS) was mentioned than prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in the Qur’an but does that mean Jesus was greater than him? No. In Islam, we do not make distinction between the prophets.

If I am to agree to disagree with you that Jesus (AS) was greater than prophet Muhammad (pbuh) because his name was mentioned more, where would you place Satan (Iblis) and Pharaoh (Fir’awn) that were mentioned more than Jesus? Is your claim not now ridiculous to you?

I have been talking to you ever since, how many times have I mentioned your name and how many times have I mentioned Jesus (AS) and prophet Muhammad (pbuh)? Definitely more than I have mentioned yours. This tells you that the Qur’an was revealed to prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and who addresses someone then mentions his/her name after each statement?

You do not need to ask us who was mentioned

To be continued…

Lucas Bashir Samson Lukman

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NURSE, WHO TOLD YOU? (Continued)


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