Nigerian Pastor and General Overseer of Santuary Praise Church-Victor Ajisafe has made reckless comments againt Islam to drag this Country into a state of religious conflict.

He said in one of his preachings at the Church auditorium, Sawi Drive off Kingharman Road in Freetown that “we only have two religions in Sierra Leone-Idol Worshipping and Christianity.” He said the symbol of Islam is a *Sword*-meaning to kill people. He added that every terrorism is carried out by a Muslim/s. He is naive to understand that Ireland has a terrorist group called the IRA-fighting to establish a Christiandon or make Ireland a complete Christian state. Although there were other reasons like trying to inflict enough casualties on British forces.

Elder Benedict Cole (not real name) of the Santuary Praise Church says we started the foundation of the Church after securing the land amidst controversies. He says Ajisafe who came into the Country under the blessing of Mamy Dora Dumbuya-General Overseer and founder of Jesus is Lord Ministry was asked to leave because he was involved in some administrative impropriety.

The Church elder says he left the Santuary Praise Church because Ajisafe’s wife is the Director of Finance and they have either A or B staus to sign for withdrawal of money. He confirmed that the presence of the Grand Mufti Menk and the kind of solidarity accorded him sent shockwave. He stated that “everyone including Ajisafe became surprised that he didn’t receive a dime from Sierra Leoneans as either offering or entrance fees.” He Laughed Out Loudly, “this must have offended Ajisafe, but he forgot that we are known for religious tolerance.”

Pastor Mohamed Sesay-managing Editor of The Comment newspaper says Ajisafe acted as a fool. He added that this is the second time he has disrespected the leadership of this nation.
He talks too much, said Pastor Sesay, Muslims and the Sierra Leonean people must know that he stands alone in his rhetoric. “I am an ordained pastor but I have a Muslim background,” he noted. “All the times I have been invited to the mosque I go.”


Sierra Leoneans are demanding his deportation if he refuses to send an unreserved apologies to the President and People of Sierra Leone.
Thanks to the Minster of Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs-Dr. SO Blyden for the timely press release. She has preached and demonstrated religious tolerance and unity in the country. Sierra Leoneans are curiously waiting on the action of the Government and Inter-Religious Council.


Jarrah Kawusu Conteh-State House’s Communications Manager said, “President Koroma’s legacy of religious tolerance is in tact and no one will undermine that.” He called on Inter-Religious Council to pay an undivided attention to what many called “a reckless comments” by a Nigeria Pastor. His statement is a cause for religious conflict that has crippled other countries.
Ajisafe must be deported or shamed publicly as his preachings undermine what Sierra Leone stands for.


His unfortunate statement has the potential to bring religious conflict , therefore the Voiceless Sierra Leoneans are calling on all to maintain the peace and resist violence.


This is The Pen of The Voiceless Sierra Leoneans.


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