We dream, we wake and face the day

We live, we love and we strive

We pray, we try and we cry

We lose, we hold on and believe

They laugh when we are down but we never give up

We work, we climb ’till we get up

They frown, they criticise when we prosper

We move on ’till we propagate the religion

Like slaves we labour and we get tired

Like eagle’s, we act brave and pretend

Behind smiles we hide and appear good

Inside we weep and cry because is hard

We hope, we look and see nothing

They talk but it doesn’t help listening

We believe, we wait and we trust

We lead they follow

Amongst that we hang on and never leave

For the hereafter we all work towards

Tears run but we never cease to wipe

With love we live and continue to smile

When they lead they fail us to live life we desire
But we are ready to take the responsibility
And live the better life we want

In Love we teach about the deen
In hardship we believe in Allah
In help we stand beside each other

Allah is our strength
Know paradise


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