By him in whose presence the loving pilgrims stand
Each wearing the same face of a wayfarer
– exhausted from the journey of this world –
There are no nameless pilgrims;
everyone has the same name in God’s presence;
a sinner seeking to bask in his mercy.
Each time Google tells you there are no results
for your name – no mention of the mother that kissed
Alif-Lam-Mim unto your tender lips, or the madrasah where
you learnt that God’s words
is a bullet – remember
that even before Malakul mawt kisses discontinuity
into man’s foot – there are places
where the earth is molded so perfectly
that the wishes of every man are executed at
the same pace.
And each time your heart becomes
a silhouette of sins,
remember that ‘let him who is without sin cast the first Stone’
is not of ‘Arafah.
Lan Rey Hasan