The hatred shown towards the Muslims especially the feminine gender is becoming so alarming and grossly unbearable. The incidence at Adeyemi Bero auditorium on 20th of November where one Kemi Ilori opened the veil of one of our sisters; an exhibitor in the event she (Kemi Ilori) managed, is one big enough to get out of hand if we weren’t peace loving people.

( Read about the abuse here

We are peaceful people and we call for peace but that wouldn’t deter us from speaking out and tell the world about our rights as Muslims or tell a wrong when we notice one.

A declaration was made 10th of December,  1948 on Human right and that was called Universal Declaration of Human Right ( UDHR). Has this declaration and several others been nullified? Even though this declaration is faulty because total nudism is inclusive. So in a world where so many women are proud of roaming the world naked when they should rather feel and be ashamed of the weight of the ignominy descending on them, we have women who are humiliated for their own choice to be chaste.

I usually wonder if many still retain their humanness because one of the characteristics that differentiate animals from man is the fact that animals go naked and man is given the reasoning that tells him to cover nakedness when in public. For men, it is not as grievous to expose their nudity as for women, yet men have been fair in this. How can someone who is not properly dressed be the one challenging the well well dressed?! Kemi should understand there is no crime in not being a Muslim (at least in this world) but there is every crime to condemn a decently dressed muslim woman. Every non muslim should understand that a muslim lady is free to dress whichever way she prefers, just like she also is free to. May be this people are not aware, the dressing of a muslim lady is the commandment by her Lord in the Qur’an An Nur 24:31, so if she feels to dress this way it should be nobody’s headache. She should be free to partake in any function be it business, learning and social functions without any hindrance even in this dress. What Kemi exhibited was totally unbecoming and was an impropriety displayed by someone who was supposed to be mature, this is a battle not for our dear sister but for the generality of Muslims. We therefore ask Kemi to give her unreserved apology and make it public. Many apologised on her behalf at the venue instantly but showing no remourse for her impropriety signified she felt she knows people who are in power and wouldn’t say sorry for anything… The powerful is Allaah alone and every other being is powerless. He can decide to dethrone whoever He wills and crown whoever He wills.


Many non-Muslims accuse Islam of things they are guilty of. They think that Muslim women are forced to wear the Hijab but they FORCE them to remove it. They think Muslim women are oppressed but they are the oppressors who cannot tolerate others. They assault those they think are in bondage.

It is ridiculously ridiculous to shout “Freedom! Freedom” yet not being a true advocate of Freedom. Is it not preposterous to believe that homosexuality is freedom but wearing a veil is Oppression? If someone is free to walk around naked, why is there no freedom to be covered? Isfreedom for one not freedom for all?

Game of Denial!!!

At, we state authoritatively that the name of this woman that opened the veil of Sister Shariifah Yunus is Kemi Ilori! The name was not to be publicized earlier because there was no video evidence that she did it.

People were present when it happened and they are witnesses. Should it be surprising that the one who could disrespect other people’s freedom, infringe their rights, would lie to cover up her action? No!

Kemi Ilori immediately denied removing the veil immediately. SubhanAllah!!! This is a call to Kemi Ilori that removed the veil of Sister Shariifah Yunus to tender an apology to Sister Shariifah. We cannot tolerate what should not be tolerated. Those who cannot tolerate others deserves no tolerance.

Apologizing is the best option for Kemi Ilori not unnecessary ego. Kemi Ilori’s name was not revealed earlier because she could just deny and that would amount to false accusation. She can go ahead to deny, can we not also deny the Kemi Ilori in question?

If we decide not to deal with issues like these because the culprit would deny, then we have opened the door to gross oppression. Many would remove the veil of Muslim women and deny immediately. Should Muslim women now be at alert to record insults?

We Muslims are peaceful and we will welcome an apology from Kemi Ilori or fight it to the end. She can deny not removing the veil and we can also deny the Kemi Ilori in question when the time comes.

This is the time we Muslims need to show our strength as an ‘Ummah. It is not just about Shariifah Yunus but our wives, sisters, mothers and aunties! If a Muslim strips someone naked because she is having a mini-skirt on, can we sleep???

The Christian community should also declare that they are against this action with the hashtag “IstandwithShariifahYunus”, the same way we are made to apologize for the acts of ignorant Muslims or those who lay claim to Islam falsely.

Wearing the veil does not make you repugnant nor retarded!


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