In the Yoruba land today, many are products of polygamous homes. Six of every ten polygamous marriage are tales  of woes, tears, pains, death and sorrow.


If the Iyale is not after the Ìyàwó, it would be the other way around. The mothers turn the children against one another and when the man dies, sharing the property becomes a big problem as it might lead to death.



These horrible tales of polygamy drives a typical Yoruba woman to ask her children not to venture into polygamy. They demonize polygamy and make it a no-go-area. On the other hand, the father joins in the game by telling the male children to beware of polygamy being fed up with his wives.


Religiously, the predominant faith is Islam and Christianity with traditional religion not really taken into cognizance. Today, polygamy is illegalized by the church while Islam legalizes it therefore taking the blame for horrible polygamous marriages.


Only few people know that polygamy is not outlawed by the Bible and that Islam teaches polygyny not polygamy. There is no religion on earth today that says marry one wife except Islam. It is only in Islam that we have a limit to the numbers of wives we can marry; 4.


It is unfortunate when religion is mixed with culture. Before the advent of Islam in Yoruba land, polygamy is a norm with the same horrible tales. The traditional approach to polygamy is prevalent today only that it is done using Islam as a cover with the slogan, “Mẹ ni Ọlọhun wí” (God says many)



Anyone who says this will ignorantly refer to the Qur’an as there  is no reference from the traditional sources and to the church, everyone knows it is illegal.


Qur’an 4:3;


And if you fear that you will not deal justly with the orphan girls, then marry those that please you of [other] women, two or three or four. But if you fear that you will not be just, then [marry only] one or those your right hand possesses. That is more suitable that you may not incline [to injustice].


Polygyny in Islam requires understanding the fundamental basis of Islam which extends to the rights of wives and children as well as duties. Allah commanded Muslims to practise polygyny not every Tom, Dick, and Harry that is quick to embrace the command yet neglect his duties and responsibilities..


Islam cannot and should not be blamed for these tales of horror and woes as regards polygamy. Anyone can lay claim to be a Muslim, Islam can only be responsible for their actions justified by the Qur’an.


The Qur’an does not say kill a fellow wife. Islam knows nothing about first wife, second wife label that only breeds hatred and creates a sense of unnecessary authority. Polygyny in Islam is not “Ile olorogun” (a house of rivalry).



Before you blame Islam for failed  polygamous marriages, endeavour to learn  from scholars of the religion.

To the Yoruba Muslim parents, obey Allah by not making polygyny forbidden for your children rather educate them on the subject with the Qur’an and Sunnah and that is better for you in the life and the Hereafter if you but KNOW.

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  • THE MENACE OF EVIL CLERICS (ALFAS) ; AN OBSTACLE TO DA’WAH (Yorubaland as a case study) Dear Yoruba woman…

    Why are you aggressive when it comes to Islam?

    Who sent you to the cleric that gave you a poison to kill your Iyale’s child but your child(ren) ate it?

    Who gave you the address to that cleric’s place? The cleric you asked for love charm but he found you beautiful and turned him against you instead?

    Who directed you to that cleric that impregnated you with your husband fathering a bastard?

    Who led you to that cleric in search of knowledge of the unseen? The cleric that tells you he sees something about your husband, you divorce him only to find out it is not so!


    Can you please spare us your aggression and ask questions on Qur’an and the Sunnah?

    How long shall we admonish you with the Qur’an and Sunnah, for how long will you refer us to your cleric?

    How long shall we tell you that believers are subjected to tests, when would you stop lamenting about your cleric?


    … And who sent you to him in the first place?


    These are few from the lamentations of a Yoruba woman that detests Islam.

    Fiddling with sand, coded incantations, special eyeliner, chicken for prayers… These have no place in Islam…


    Islam is not responsible for the shenanigans between you and your cleric.

    Keep calm and study Islam. #stoptheyorubalizationofIslam


  • Yoruba non-Muslims…Speaking Arabic does not mean we are enslaved by the Hausas…Arabic is not the language of the Hausas…

    You don’t need to fear someone speaking Arabic. Arabic language is not equivalent to your Incantations….

    If you allow someone use ‘one-kain’ Arabic to scare you that you run forgetting your shoes and wallet (like I did to someone that wanted to dupe me in portharcourt ? ?) You are on your own…..




  • Dear Yoruba non-Muslim and “Muslims”,If you can’t wear it, don’t crucify him for wearing it.A Muslim that consciously wears his trouser above his ankles, not stepping on it is a Muslim not Tebleegh nor a Boko Haram.



  • Oh Yoruba non-Muslims and “Muslims”Know that the Niqab wearing woman is not the equivalent of your Masquerades. They are your sisters not “Ara ọrùn (heavenly beings).

    Know! That the more people that wear it, the more your eyes is protected against Fitnah, the more your wife becomes secured as regards you being snatched by the skimpy dressed/half naked women.


    Know! That if the society subjects you to lose your heritage, make you dress Half-naked, in that is no freedom. Freedom is choosing to be covered in a world that demands nudity.

    What better way can we define freedom if not someone who chooses what part of her body you see and who sees it?


    Yă Akhee!!! Yă Ukhtee!!!!


    Guidance has come to you that your trouser is worn above your ankles, your covering is the Niqab, you are not responsible for your guidance.

    Your neighbour is not a sure candidate of hell. Misguidance is not a thing of mockery.


    The guided today can go astray tomorrow….


    The unguided might be a soldier of Allah tomorrow…


    The real joy and pride is dying as a Muslim in submission to the will of Allah and for this we pray that Allah takes us not except as Muslims submitting to the will of Allah. Ameen.




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