Not long ago, I shared an encounter I had with a pastor in a car park. You can reed it here 

I was at the same car park today going to Ilorin. Minutes after getting on the bus, the pastor came around again sharing envelopes. The following conversation ensued;

Me: pastor, do you remember me?

Pastor : Yes, Jesus be with you.

Me: Do you remember me very well?

Pastor : Yes, You’re blessed. In Jesus name…

Me : (cuts in) I was the one who…

Pastor: (cuts in) Ahn Ahn, let me pray finish na

Me: Sir, I was the one who had a discuss with you not long ago here that you ran away.

Pastor : (laughs hysterically) oh! But why are you looking down today?

Me: I’m not down. Do you have anything to preach other than sharing envelopes?

Yes: we preach love. There are thousands of religion in the world. We don’t preach religion, we preach love…

Me : Pastor, Religion means the believe in or worship of a supernatural controlling power especially, God or gods. So, if you claim Christianity is not a religion, then you do not believe in any supernatural controlling power and that makes you Godless!. No religion literarily teaches hatred but they all emphasize loving one another so don’t make religion look like it teaches hatred other than the love it teaches.

Pastor: well, everybody must have a label. Everyone must belong to a religion…

Me : But all religions cannot be right. If Bible says Jesus died and Qur’an says Jesus died not, then there’s a difference and both cannot be correct. And when you say, “everyone MUST belong to a religion”, I fear that if you’re the head of a country, you can put gun on peoples’ heads asking them to belong to a religion.

Pastor : No, that’s not what I meant. We have three religions, Islam Christianity and paganism…

Me: (cuts in) You once said you don’t preach religion but now Christianity is a religion. Paganism is a not a religion. And if you classified other world religions under paganism because they worship idols or you think they are not the right path to salvation then it is safe to say that there are two religions in the world. The first is Islam, the other is Paganism, and paganism is the path to destruction.

Pastor : (Laughs hysterically then starts to walk away)

Me : Pastor, are you running again?

See you next time. God willing.

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman


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