The Meccans were more than ever furious at the Prophet’s increasing preaching against their religion. They asked his uncle Abu Talib to stop him, but he could not do anything. At , as the Prophet persisted in his ardent denunciations against their ungodliness and impiety, they turned him out from the Ka’ba where he used to sit and preach, and subsequently went in a body to Abu Talib.

They urged the venerable chief to prevent his nephew from abusing their gods any longer or uttering any ill words against their ancestors. They warned Abu Talib that if he would not do that, he would be excluded from the communion of his people and driven to side with Muhammad; the matter would then be settled by fight until one of the two parties were exterminated.

Abu Talib neither wished to separate himself from his people, nor forsake his nephew for the idolaters to revenge themselves upon. He spoke to the Prophet very softly and begged him to abandon his affair. To this suggestion the Prophet firmly replied: “O my uncle, if they placed the sun in my right hand and the moon in my left hand to cause me to renounce my task, verily I would not desist therefrom until Allah made manifest His cause or I perished in the attempt.” The Prophet, overcome by the thought that his uncle and protector was willing to desert him, turned to depart. But Abu Talib called him loudly to come back, and he came. “Say whatever you please; for by the Lord I shall not desert you ever.”


We can then ask, what’s the rationale behind the Prophet’s unchanging determination???

He never required to be worshipped

Was it money?? His wife khadija was a wealthy woman neither was he poor

Was it fame?? He belonged to one of the most influential tribe. He was responsible for settling the dispute on which tribe should put the stone in kabbah in its place.

Was it power?? No, even after the conquest of mecca, he ruled with extreme humility. Mending his clothes.

What more except that he was conveying the message from the supernatural. A message calling mankind to the worship of their creator.




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