Attack on Muslims in Igboland

We have observed sadly, the ugly turn of events in the last few days in some parts of Nigeria, it is unfortunate we had to tow such path of destruction of lives and properties, when dialogue and negotiation would have been a better option.

A movement, which we were initially made to believe was aimed at redeeming Nigeria from the ills of the SARS unit of the Nigerian Police and bad governance generally, has for selfish reasons led to unconscionable maiming of Nigerians as well as looting and wanton destruction of both private and public institutions. This is to say the least, inhumane and horrible.

Unfortunately, for some of our brothers in the South East, they have taken advantage of this to inflict pains and miseries on Muslims in parts of the region and destruction of their places of worship. A mosque in Orlu, Imo State was razed down by irate youths with deaths recorded and this is not the first attack on this same mosque. More mosques would have been razed down in other parts of Igbo land, if not for the Swift intervention of security agents. Recall that another mosque was razed down in Ogrute, Enugu Ezike 3 years ago for no reason. This must stop.

We call on the youths of the region who harbor hatred for Islam and Muslims to have a rethink and desist from attacking Muslims at every slightest opportunity. This is not a religious crisis!
Enough is enough!

Parents, community heads as well as religious heads should rein in on their children/subjects to imbibe the spirit of religious tolerance as that is the panacea for peace and progress in our society.

As a peace loving people who have no record of ever starting any conflict in this region, we implore our Muslim brothers to remain calm as usual amidst provocation and not take laws into their hands. We must remain at alert and report all suspicious activities to security agents as soon as possible.

The authorities must also do whatever it takes to ensure all culprits in this dastardly acts against Muslims are brought to book to forestall future occurrence.

Even though the Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs has made a press release to this effect, it is pertinent that they and other religious bodies continue to lend their voices to ensure the safety of lives of properties of Muslims in Igboland. We equally call on well meaning individuals and groups to condemn these acts of terror in strongest terms.

We will continue to supplicate to Allah (SWT) to restore peace to our dear nation, Nigeria.

Long live Muslims of Igbo land!
Long live, Nigeria!

AbdurRahman Nwabueze Urama
(National Secretary)
Yahya Faruq Abugu


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