Why not look deep before you Leap,

Why not sleep tight before you Weep,

You have to make hay while your sun Shines,

Before you go stray like the weird Wines,

Remember what you sow is what you’ll reap,

Think twice before drinking the Drip,

Kindly heed the call of your Lord,

And stop hurting the hearts of your Ward,

Like Mr. Bachelor, you’ve got to alt your Zeal,

But be reminded that HIV and AIDS is REAL…

This another sledge Hammer on top of their Nail,

You have got time to pass before ending it in Jahanam Jail,

A place for those that Fail,

A home where no one can Sail,

As the pains runs faster than Mail,

Burning slowly like the shell of Snail,

From the head to Tail,

It won’t be a good time to Hail or Wail…

May Allah spare you and I from such a Jail…




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