I worked in Ibadan, Oyo State in 2012/2013. It was in September 2013 that I reverted to the religion of Islam. My experience there taught me that, indeed, guidance belongs to Allah alone.

Every morning, my boss, whom I knew was diabolic would come out each morning to lead the praise and worship session. That session was  usually accompanied with dances, stamping of the feet and deafening noises to the dissatisfaction of the Muslims that surrounded us.

Our office was opposite a Masjid built in my friend and brother, Abdullahi Oladimeji Abdulsalam father’s house. His father (may Allah be pleased with him) was the Imam.

  • While some of the staff were Muslims, rather, have Muslim names, I know none that performs Salah except my colleague, Taofeek. Only him deems it for to perform Salah in the Masjid opposite the office. Well, that was just Fajr anyway.

At a point, we had a new staff (A Maa Shaa Allah brother) trained by myself and Taofeek. When I embraced Islam, the three of us will not clap and dance during the praise and worship session. Unfortunately, they became masters at it before they left the office in Ibadan.

Our new Maa Shaa Allah brother was an inspiration for me, though, I was more rugged in voicing out my opinion on religion especially my stern opposition to the Bible. I think I wrote about my encounter with a pastor in 2014 who was sent to threaten me with death if would not become a Christian by a lady that liked me. Pathetic!

AlhamduliLlah, since 2016, I have met brother Abdullahi Oladimeji Abdulsalam (whose father’s house and masjid was opposite our office) in the field of da’wah; Events, lectures and projects like Dr. Faoziyat Sulaiman’s “Charity”. AlhamduliLlah!!!

As for my boss, he became a full blown herbalist and an ardent campaigner for the practice of traditional occultic belief. I saw him transform  from a son of God in disguise to a full-time herbalist.

Sadly, this afternoon, I was one Facebook when I saw my once upon a time Maa shaa Allah brother chilling with our Christian now herbalist boss. He was dressed in white, beads on the neck and wrist.

Sadly, the brother had changed his name to Awoyinfa Orunmila. InnaliLlahi wa Inna ilayhi raaji’uun. He practices, preaches and propagates sorcery with pride. SubhanaLlah!

I rushed to check our last chat inbox. This brother still sent me Hadith and reminders during Ramadan.

I pray that Allah guides him to the right path and may He make our feet steadfast in the Deen.

Indeed, guidance belongs to Allah alone. Do not mock the disbeliever, except you have your certificate of Jannah certified!

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman




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