The human body is naturally designed to be inclined towards procreation. From the moment you become mature, your body by default derives you to seek sexual company. That is why the battle to remain celibate whilst single is not a small one, which many eventually fail.

Out of the various outlets today’s youth use in satisfying their sexual drive is engaging is licentious chat with opposite gender. This action is not permissible, because it will provoke desire between them and will make them want to meet one another. This kind of correspondence often causes fitnah (temptation) and plants the seeds of zina in the heart, which leads to evil actions. 

So my advise to anyone whom Shaytān has lured to engage in this kind of obscene act is to repent sincerely to Allāh. Allāh has commanded us to steer clear of Zina, and to steer clear of it is by avoiding all means that lead to Zina, and that’s why boyfriend/girlfriend relationship is Harām in Islām to begin with. Anyone who wishes to protect his/herself must avoid chatting to or speaking with non-mahrams in regards to what is not permissible so as to protect their religious commitment and their honour.

How many a girl has lost her dignity and committed suicide as a way of getting out of the indignity this kind of chatting has brought to her. If we look deeply into what sex chat entails, we would feel sorry for those who engage in this illicit and abhorrent affair. It goes beyond just stimulating or arousing sexual desires, it involves sending of nude pictures or videos. How can a Muslim feel comfortable with this if not that Allāh has snatched modesty away from such Muslim.

If you have uncontrollable sexual urge we will advise you to go and get married if the means is available or recourse to fasting as the prophet advised in order to reduce your sexual affiliation towards opposite gender. There is nothing that should get in your way of getting married, not education or the fear of poverty. Allāh has made it obligatory upon himself to help (enrich) anyone who wants to marry for his sake to protect his chastity. Oh you who have attained marriageable age! Be conscious of Allāh and seek the means to get married in halāl way to protect your modesty as a Muslim.


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