As salaam alaykum warahmatuLlahi wabarakaatuhu,

Consequent upon a viral video of a reportedly Igbo revert to Islam, the KnowIslam Project reached out to him and we could ascertain some facts.

This is the summary of a statement the KnowIslam Project gathered from the brother;

“I don’t want any social media thing. I did not make that video for any religious war or any thing…They are my club members who want me dead because what we do before is against my belief.

As soon as I stopped going and doing those thing,  that is why they want my life because we are in a club where we took an oath and some kind of idol worshiping so as I told them I will not come on with that old ways, they plotted to kill me because I refuse to be part of them. It is not a religious issue but my friends who I do things like womanizing and clubbing.”

For the record, the brother was stabbed by his ex-cult members because he refused to partake in their activities following his reversion to Islam..

While the KnowIslam Project continues to monitor oppression and intimidation of Muslims especially Reverts across the globe, we also maintain our policy of standing against religious violence, fostering peaceful existence amongst people of different religion, tribe and culture and putting news reports in proper perspectives.

To be updated (if necessary)…


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