The KnowIslam Project received a total of #6,017,356.03 in the year 2020 of the Gregorian Calendar. The funds came as responses to fundraising campaigns staged to see to the needs of Muslims and most importantly, addressing the spiritual, psychological and financial challenges of reverts to Islam.

Within the twelve months, we have disbursed funds to over one hundred people. Notable amongst these is our response to the COVID-19 outbreak. Prior to the lock-down that followed the Pandemic, it was our intention to raise the sum of Ten Million Naira for the Reverts Waqf Initiative. However, the greater need to assist the most affected during lock-down necessitated giving the Reverts Waqf Initiative a break. AlhamduliLlah, we provided foodstuffs and cash depending on the need and the availability of funds.

Our followers will easily recall the recent case of our beloved sister from the South-East whose life was threatened by alleged IPOB members who destroyed a Mosque in Orlu, Imo State. We responded swiftly by getting her and her daughter out of danger zone and after few weeks, empowered her with the sum of #300, 000 naira.

It is with grieve that we recall the story of a sick sister who died following a sickness, Aslam Sanni, the kid that needed eye surgery and our brother whose body was located at the mortuary. May Allah forgive and grant them Jannah. Aameen.


The KnowIslam Project through its website (download ‘Know Islam’ app on Google Playstore) served as a voice for Islam and Muslims by joining in Hijab struggles, giving reports of oppressions against Muslims all over the world and telling the Muslim story in a proper way that the mainstream media wouldn’t.

January 2020, we published, “Allahuma Anthology”, an anthology of poems, stories, articles and calligraphies. The anthology was compiled in good faith to give voices to established and budding Muslim writers to write on various topics of their choice The contributions in the collection are intellectually mind-blowing, spiritually warming and wonderfully amazing. Contributors boundlessly explored their inner selves, weaknesses and religious struggles. The top three participants were rewarded. This year, we are receiving entries for “The Strange Stranger – An Anthology of poems and prose on Islamophobia”. Visit our website for more information.

In the same year, we maintained our policy of being a form of checks and balances for the Islamophobes, Evangelists, Christian apologists, Atheists, Freethinkers and agnostics who are ever ready to attack Islam. Last year, we published over 600 articles other than Middle East News.

Our rebuttal and comparative religion section is the right place for anyone looking for explanations to acclaimed contradictions of the Qur’an, misinterpreted Hadeeth and Qur’an verses. One of our most notable works in this regard is our publication, “DA’WAH KIT: ANSWERS TO 11 FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT ISLAM BY CHRISTIAN Apologists”

We also maintained our priority of propagating pristine Islam according to the Qur’an and Sunnah as understood by the pious predecessors. During Ramadan, we invited lecturers to our Facebook page, “Know Islam” to deliver lectures given the lock-down that kept Muslim faithfuls at home. We invited Mallam Sanusi Lafiagi, Ustaadh Ibn Abdillah As-sudaisiy, Imam Sanni K Yusuf, Ustaadh Abdulkabir al-Asfar, Mallam Ibraheem Agbaje, Ustaadh Najeeb Abdulmalik, Sheikh Abdulkabir (UK) and in December, Sheikh Muhammad Awwal (UK) and Sheikh Omar Bashir (Kenya). We hope to collaborate with more scholars of the Deen.

The KnowIslam Project is a team of Muslim intellectuals gathered to tell the Muslim story. The team specially appreciates brother Sanusi AbdulWasiu who is ever-ready to write rejoinder against the very many lies of Christian apologists against Islam and Sulaiman (Founder of Smile Da’wah), a young man who works with excitement to deliver our very many graphic designs Nafeesah Bello who is every ready to publish articles and prepare our broadcasts.

In shaa Allah, we would call for volunteers soon. Muslims Youths wanting to channel their knowledge towards the propagation of Islam should look forward to it.

May Allah bless all donors who tirelessly respond to our fundraising campaigns, share our intellectual works on our website and trusted in us from the very beginning. JazakumLlah khayr.

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman for the KnowIslam Project.



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