With my Soul so sullen, soaked and sad!

It was like madness running so Mad,

I soak up the nights with transient Thoughts,

Haven enjoyed what the dawn had Brought.

Now that my sun has fallen into the Sea,

Glittering in its fullness, for all to See,

I’ve been dreaming of something more Ideal,

But my first sickness is murdering my Zeal,

By the night, my doom stares at my gloom,

At dawn, it remains static like Nitel and Zoom,

Instead of fighting for Revival,

I’ve been strong, struggling for Survival,

My quest begets the biggest test, amid the love of the wayward West,

Seriously striving, for nothing but the Best,

Fading, the hope of a conquest in my Quest,

I grew to Love Music,

So much, that my heart almost became plastic,

Davido and Wizkid, were the Music Tycoon,

Them made me sing like a cataclysmic Catoon,

I was told to enjoy Life,

To blunt hope, with a sharp Knife,

Loving Music, football & Ronaldo,

Plus the Film Tricks of JetLi and McDona,

Where is Aqeedah, where is Aqeedah?

Where is Aqeedah, where is Aqeedah?

What about Neymar, Ronaldo. and Messi?

Yet, I knew not about, Abu Bakr, Ali and

What could bring Allah’s Mercy?,

My heart and Mind, attached to Strings,

Knew not of what Akhirah Brings,

When a river runs of blood and Flesh,

And a rotten corpse smells so Fresh,

When the Cat Fish outswims the Fat Fish,

It looks natural, like a flat Dish.



What you teach a Child from the Cradle, is like an inscription on the Rock” – Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)


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