For all the sin I did commit… am ashamed
For all the sola’at I missed… am ashamed
For I have  broken my bond with my creator… am ashamed

Now it is time for me to clean up my ways
So I figured to read Qur’an 
Because am going to the wrong path 
Now am making TAWBA
Alhamdulilah! Allah is all hearing
I will be fasting and now am getting closer to Allah for for this month of rahma

My brothers and sisters let’s feed the poor
We will be breaking our fast to the sound of ADHAN
Am so exited for this month because it is filled with Allah’s blessing
I will be having fun with my family… The Ummah

It is time to purify our souls
The blessed month has come 
Let’s read Qur’an and make a lot of sadaqah

It’s 30days we pray
Shaiton locked up
Time to build taqwa and he can’t stop us
Let’s bulid a pure heart
Now we will understand more about the world-hunger
It’s so real and that’s how the poor feels

Praying tarawih till our heels get sour
Cry in sujood, may Almighty Allah accept our dua 
May He give us the reward and forgive us our sins and that of the dead

Make us faithful in deen ever than before
Unify the ummah and purify our souls
Glorify the night and show us the nur
For laylatul qodr, hear our pain and ease our affairs

Now we come together; the muslimeen to wish the world Ramadan Kareem!!!