As it is, if we do not collectively kill fake news contents, we would be killed by it. It follows that the advent of the Social Media, Whatsapp especially has made everyone a journalist and reporter. Unfortunately, our newspapers and journalists are not free from this as news are heavily sensationalized and stories have to be felted on the websites on the media houses.


Some minutes ago, I watched Pastor Chris Oyakhilome claiming that there is no need for a vaccine to protect the body from Coronavirus. We will excuse things. The first is that the self-acclaimed man of God thinks a vaccine is a cure and secondly, that God which he so much speaks to did not tell him that the 5G causing Coronavirus or leading to deaths is a lie.

Pastor Chris arrogantly challenged anyone who does not agree with his newly found belief that 5G is causing the death in Wuhan to tell him how they got to either discover that people are dying due to the Coronavirus or that the 5G is not responsible for the deaths. I will not start explaining how the 5G works or how it is not connected to the Coronavirus, every reasonable person knows now and the propaganda has been refuted. Perhaps, 25G caused the deaths also.

His pathetic and unintelligible challenge reminded me of a sister who played on her Facebook page that people only shout fake news without providing the true story. This also brings us to the popular saying that, “there is an iota of truth in every rumor”

To put things straight, not every story, news or rumor has two sides. In Pastor Chris’ case, he fell for a FABRICATION.

A fabrication may not be two-sided. According to Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, a fabrication is a piece of information or story that someone has invented in order to deceive people.

So, the burden of proof is on the fabricator to provide an evidence for what he has fabricated. When we ask people to provide an evidence for what was fabricated, do we want them to fabricate another version?

A fabrication can also be called a hoax. A deliberate fabrication of falsehood to masquerade as the truth.

Fabrications and hoaxes are what you get on April fool’s day. They are false and do not need to be proven to be false.

“As the burden of proof completely lies on the prosecution, so does it lie on the fabricator”


Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman


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