So, a picture (that led to many pictures) surfaced online generating lots of comments and arguments. A baker had delivered a cake to a client. This cake was designed, not just in the shape of the Qur’an, but also a depiction of the cover of the Qur’an.

This has generated lots of arguments and counter-arguments, especially on Twitter and Facebook. Right or wrong?




As usual, the Christians have joined in the discussion. They do not know their limits, not at all. When we discuss issues on Islam like Hijab, Polygyny, etc., they want to have an opinion. What opinion do you have about what you have no idea about?

Christians should learn to mind their businesses and learn their own religion before attempting to define what is permissible and impermissible in Islam. What good contribution do we expect from a people who have lost their religion and adopted practices that are contrary to the fundamental teachings of their faith?

Therefore, it is important that a Muslim gets very careful when he gets support from a Christian when discussing the fundamentals of Islam.


The Cake Qur’an; Right or wrong?

 Majority of Muslims I have read from on the topic are of the opinion that this is wrong. Sheikh Assim Al-Hakeem has ruled that it is a disrespect to the Qur’an. Ustaadh Sanusi Lafiagi also said it amounts to, “‘making jest of the Book of Allāh’ and ridiculing its essence. The Qur’ān was revealed to be read and applied”.

However, we have some Muslims who claim that there is nothing bad about this. They have argued that it is just a cake, so, there is nothing wrong with it. Moreso, the look-alike of the Qur’an cover that was designed is not part of what Allah revealed. Others have argued that, as a company, if your client says design a look-alike of the Qur’an, there is nothing bad in that.


         MY OPINION

I agree with those who are of the opinion that this is a very wrong thing to do. It mocks, disrespects, dishonours and desecrates the glorious Qur’an. Evil begets evil, not frowning against acts like this would be a gateway to other acts that would disparage the Qur’an.

In line with the point above, the celebration of birthday led to the design of a cake Qur’an, thus, a cake Qur’an may also lead to something unimaginable. Scholars have warned against the celebration of birthdays. Many do not just celebrate, they spend lavishly during such celebrations. Therefore, it should be no surprise if what we get from such celebrations is a cake Qur’an. Of all the designs in the world, it is the Qur’an a Muslims is thinking of designing.

As for the argument that Allah did not reveal the back cover of the Qur’an, hence, there is nothing wrong with it, I want to understand that people who make this argument would have something against baking a cake of Qur’an verses. If so, there are questions for them. Since the cover of the Qur’an is that irrelevant, would they smile at a non-Muslim who tears and burns the cover of the Qur’an? Would they befriend such a person since that cover is irrelevant?

It is important that we watch against extreme rationalization when rationalization has its own evils. We cannot rationalize the Religion, it puts us in further troubles. So, if it is okay to have a cake Qur’an since the cover that was designed was not revealed, did Allah reveal the Qur’an in a paper? Why can we not use, even, pages of the Qur’an since Allah did not send a printed version of the Qur’an?

A Muslim who is conscious of his deen will not accept a job that insults his religion. Those who ask you to bake a Qur’an cake will later ask you to give them Allah’s cake – a cake with a man with long beards on the throne and Allah written on the crown and then, more and more evils…

Lastly, when we talk about Islam and you are being supported by non-Muslims, you seem ‘WOKE’ and civilized, it is important to have a rethink. For someone that has written his biography in the pages of his Bible, how will you explain to him that it is not permissible to write anything in the Mushaf (of the Qur’an). Fear ALlah.


Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman


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